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WORTH 烏克麗麗弦 日本

I’m Masaya Takahashi producer of Worth Strings.
“Worth Strings”has been selling well since we started to sale,first of September 2002.
As I said on the strings page, When I started playing the ukulele, I searched for strings I liked, but couldn’t find them in existing products.
At last I found Fluoro Carbon,but to get the strings, I had to purchase a large amount,that I could never use in my lifetime.
So I decided to make them available to the public on the internet.Thankfully many players liked it.
First, there were just 3 types. But little by little our customer’s desire for more variations, and now we have many different strings, as you know.
“Worth Strings” is made of an special material called Fuluoro carbon.
The specific gravity is about 1.78(nylon:about 1.14).
The features are a clear sound and a good balance, so it can be adaptive not only for solo play but also for stroke(strumming) play.
Therefore, despite “Worth Strings” is higher price many people choose them, because the length is longer than other company’s string, and you can get two from one of our strings sets as long as normal size ukulele.
Many Japanese customer are particular about sounds and intonation,and they are very satisfied with Worth Strings.



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